No one has provided liquefied gas pumps longer than Smith.

About Smith Pumps


What We Do

Specializing in liquefied gas transfer, our product line incorporates small, medium, and large capacity positive displacement pump models in several porting configurations, for intermittent or continuous duty service. This includes truck mounted pumps and pumps developed for global markets. We also manufacture accessory items such as differential type bypass relief valves, flexible drive couplings, and Y-type strainers.

Smith chemical injectors are well-known for accuracy, dependability and superior quality. We offer a complete line of water-powered injectors and accessory items for flow rates between three and one hundred gallons per minute for commercial nursery and other applications. Smith injectors are designed with options specifically suited for many types of chemicals.

Regulatory compliance is strictly adhered to and many certifications are available for download from this site.

Our History

Smith Precision Products Was Started in 1938 by Reuben Stanley Smith

As a remarkable American inventor, Reuben focused on quality and provided innovative designs that would stand the test of time. He believed that when a customer encountered a problem, qualities such as understanding and compassion were important in finding a satisfactory solution.

Reuben’s son, Lawrence, joined the company in 1945 and worked hard to uphold his father’s values and re-engineer the original product line. By the end of the 1950s, the company developed a fairly complete product line, including fertilizer injectors, and became involved in overseas markets. Severe duty service options were added in the 1960s, with flexible drive couplings and Y-type strainers to follow.

Lawrence’s three sons, Ralph, Warren, and Walter, joined the company in the 1970s and continued to follow in the family’s footsteps. They placed more emphasis on customer service and achieving top certifications. As a result, the company put forward exceptional new designs and major improvements to the existing product line. Today, fourth generation Smiths are striving to improve and strengthen the company’s ability to provide an even better level of service.

Our mission is to insure the continuation of a notable legacy–one built on Reuben’s values of ethics, integrity, and compassion. If this simple philosophy is maintained, the rest is relatively easy.

Smith Legacy