No one has provided fertilizer injectors longer than Smith.

Chemical Injectors

Chemical injector cutaway

We pride ourselves in the meticulous attention to detail supplied in each injector we manufacture.

Our long-term commitment to the industry gives us unique insight into your operations and enables us to respond by producing meaningful products and superb customer service. Our injectors add a significant investment to your operation and will give years of trouble-free and accurate operation.

Smith injectors do not require electric motors but are operated by the flow of water. As such, they are always safe for your plants and can never inject more than the preset proportion. Wide proportion ratios are available.

Our injectors can be ordered so that two incompatible chemicals can be injected at the same time (twin injection). Several options can be specified depending on the chemical to be applied.

Please download Catalogue CM-1 for a thorough explanation of the injectors, options, and proportions available, as well as accessory equipment. Ancillary literature, operation manuals, and parts lists are also available for download from this site.