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Welcome to Smith Pumps

Liquefied Gas Pumps

Specializing in liquefied gas transfer, our product line incorporates small, medium, and large capacity positive displacement pump models in several porting configurations, for intermittent or continuous duty service. This includes truck mounted pumps and pumps developed for global markets.

Our pumps are used for a wide variety of applications, including cylinder filling, automotive fueling, bulk transfer, vaporizers, high-pressure burners, and truck applications.

Chemical Injectors

Smith is the longest standing manufacturer of chemical injectors in the world. We pride ourselves in the meticulous attention to detail supplied in each injector we manufacture. Our long-term commitment to the industry gives us unique insight into your operations and enables us to respond by producing meaningful products and superb customer service. Our injectors add a significant investment to your operation and will give years of trouble-free and accurate operation.

Product Accessories

Smith adjustable differential type bypass relief valves are specifically designed for liquefied gases and will give years of quiet and trouble-free operation. We utilize stainless steel springs to minimize corrosion and elevate spring cycle life. Please download Catalogue DBV-L.

Our Y-type strainers offer the lowest pressure drop of any strainer currently available. This feature is especially important for marginal pump suction conditions. Smith strainers are available with either a 40-mesh brass reinforced screen or 80-mesh reinforced stainless steel screen.
Please download Catalogue Sheet CP-6.

Smith Precision Products Welcomes You To Explore Our Website

Walter Smith
Walter W. Smith

Smith Precision Products Company welcomes you to visit our web site. We have tried to produce a simple and uncomplicated site that will allow you to specify a pump, fertilizer injector, or accessory equipment for your application.

We are very proud of the fact that no other company has been designing and manufacturing similar products for as long as we have. This long-term commitment has allowed us to provide uniquely special products that we believe will exceed your expectations.

Our goals are to produce useful and highly engineered products in a professional atmosphere, continually strive for improvement, create the best working environment as possible for our employees, and listen to you, our customer base, either when you need our help or have suggestions as to how we can do things better. My grandfather founded our company based on fairness and compassion and we have not lost sight of those values.

We manufacture great products and want you to enjoy all the benefits they offer. If we can answer questions you may have or help you select the best Smith product for your application, please give us a call or ask us to contact you.

In the meantime, please enjoy our site.

Warm Regards,Walter W. Smith, President
Smith Precision Products Established 1938 Smith Precision Products Established 1938
Reuben Smith
Reuben Stanley Smith

Superior Engineering Since 1938

As the founder of Smith Precision Products, Reuben Stanley Smith wrote, “I feel very strongly that my actions will contribute to either the future success or failure of our company and as a result we must try to make sure the legacy that will be handed down to the next generation is built on ethics, integrity, and compassion.” Fourth generation Smiths continue to follow his wise words.

Smith Precision Products Company is a global provider of positive displacement pumps and fertilizer injectors, designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art environment. We offer unique solutions to the transfer of many liquids and liquefied gases that not only strengthen pump performance, but simplify maintenance.

Add it all up... Smith pumps are economical AND they are built to perform.

Superior engineering capabilities, excellent support, wide product range, experience since 1938. No one has provided liquefied gas pumps longer than Smith.

"My grandfather founded our company based on fairness and compassion and we have not lost sight of those values." - Walter W. Smith, President