No one has provided liquefied gas pumps longer than Smith.

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Smith Motor Wheel Party Favor Survives


  On January 16, 1915, the A.O. Smith Corporation hosted a party in the Red Room at the Hotel Pfister in Milwaukee to honor those directly involved with the Smith Motor Wheel. To commemorate the occasion, a party favor was handed-out as a keepsake. The gentlemen seated at the table in the above photograph at […]

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The Smith-Milwaukee Motor Truck

  R. Stanley Smith was the designer of a heavy-duty truck manufactured by the A.O. Smith Corporation during the years 1912 through 1915. The Smith-Milwaukee motor truck was offered in three models: 2-ton, 3-1/2 ton, and 6 ton. It incorporated several unique features, some of which included a herringbone geared transmission, worm-gear “final drive,” and […]

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