Training in New Zealand During LP-gas Conference

Training in New Zealand During LP-gas Conference

C.J. Smith, applications engineer, and Walter Smith, company president, recently visited Aber in Hamilton, New Zealand to help train Aber’s technical and marketing staff.  Established in 1980, Aber distributes Smith products in New Zealand as well as a wide range of indoor and outdoor appliances and gas equipment from leading manufacturers around the world.

Alan Brown, founder of Aber, speaking with C.J. Smith during a lunch break at the Gas New Zealand Industry Forum in Rotorua. In the background is Dennis Turton, Aber General Manager.


C.J. Smith and Alan Brown at Tauranga, New Zealand.

More about Alan Brown

Alan Brown was the original General Manager of Rockgas Ltd. a leading LPG distributor in New Zealand, before founding Aber in 1980. He has been a key figure in the development of the LP-gas industry in New Zealand and has been honored as a life-time member of the LPG Association of New Zealand. He is known as the father of the New Zealand LPG Industry. Alan Brown’s association with the propane industry in the United States dates back to the early 1970’s. In 1976 he presented a paper on the future of LP gas in New Zealand at the NLPGA (NPGA) convention in Las Vegas.

Among Alan Brown’s many pioneering efforts are the following:

Involved in the first imports of bulk LP-gas from Australia

Engineered the first bulk tank installations including depots and customer sites

Instrumental with the first-ever road tanker deliveries of LP-gas in New Zealand

Pioneered the New Zealand LP-gas forklift and autogas market

Among the first importers of automotive conversion kits, receiving the IMPCO Outstanding Distributor of the year in 1985

Conceived the distribution network of LP-gas retailers that ensured ready access to LP-Gas

Developed the camping and leisure gas market throughout New Zealand

Alan’s son, Gregg, is the Managing Director of Aber.  Gregg Brown has been instrumental in growing Aber’s portfolio and in continuing Aber’s involvement at the grass-roots level.  Aber’s commitment involves support in key industry associations which include GANZ, LPGANZ, and the New Zealand Standards Committee.