Pumps Literature


cp-1aC02, NH3, Refrigerant, and other liquefied gas pumps and accessories.4.85 MB Download
cp-3Propane/Butane pumps, bypass valves, and strainers.7.84 MB Download
D-Series Pumps Specification SheetDW-1Z and DW-HZ Pumps for LPG Service.290.25 KB Download
E-series Pumps Specification SheetEG-1Z and EC-HZ Pumps for LPG Service.432.66 KB Download
GC-1, MC-1 Series Pumps Specification SheetGC-1LZ and MC-1Z Series Pumps for LPG Service.430.67 KB Download
MC-1044 Series Pumps Specification SheetMC-1044Z and MC-1044HZ Series Pumps for LPG Service.406.22 KB Download
MC-2 Series Pumps Specification SheetMC-2Z and MC-2HZ Series Pumps for LPG Service.343.66 KB Download
MC-3 Series Pumps Specification SheetMC-3Z and MC-3HZ Series Pumps for LPG Service.353.98 KB Download
MC-4 Series Pumps Specification SheetMC-4Z and MC-4HZ Series Pumps for LPG Service.338.79 KB Download
MC-5 Series Pumps Specification SheetMC-5Z and MC-5HZ Series Pumps for LPG Service.338.27 KB Download